Facebook Chatbots display Real Estate property listings inside Facebook Messenger

HelloAlex Real Estate Chatbot displays property listings natively inside Facebook Messenger to engage users where they are

One of the lessons that we have learned over the last 12 months is that you need to engage users on the channel they are active. If you have someone talking to you continue the conversation for as long as possible.

If they are engaged on your website chat engage them cont, but ask them where they would like to continue the conversation? That’s right they are on your website right now but they maybe on the train heading home and would rather communicate via SMS or on Facebook messenger or email. How are you allowing for these transition points in your conversation design?

NOTE: Just because you have a website does not mean your leads/clients want to be on your website!

Many people make the mistake of trying to move users from one channel like Facebook to a Website at the wrong time, or in the wrong context.

Chatbot Design Tip: Focus on the user experience. The more you can engage your users in active conversations and answer their questions as quickly as possible. The happier your users will be.

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Think of each conversation like a conversation with a friend. How would you have the conversation? When would you ask for a drink and what would it be? When would you ask to walk and talk?

It’s ok for your chatbot to have goals and transition points. But what you need to validate is how well are your transition points working. What you will discover is that there are many hidden action intents of when a user is ready to move to the call to action. Yes, you need to ask for the call to action multiple times. But you also need to be able to continue the conversation and them come back to the call to action later.

This is why we have been working on several major upgrades to our Chatbot conversation flows. For example the ability to allow users to update response details via our forms button. This allows users to rapidly complete data fields via the forms display. The advantage of this is users can update or change data field selections with ease.

Chatbot Conversational Forms with Rapid Response and NLU Parsing

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