Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Issue #140: Predictions for 2020: 16 experts have their say – Dec 26th 2019

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Predictions for 2020: 16 experts have their say

Byrne Mulrooney, Chief Executive Officer, Korn Ferry RPO, Professional Search and Korn Ferry Digital AI will augment humans, not replace them Despite fears that it will replace human employees, in 2020 AI and machine learning will increasingly be used to aid and augment them.


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In The News

Facebook Discovers Fakes That Show Evolution of Disinformation

Graphika/The Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab Facebook said on Friday that it had removed hundreds of accounts with ties to the Epoch Media Group, parent company of the Falun Gong-related publication and conservative news outlet The Epoch Times.

In defense of skepticism about deep learning

I suggested instead the deep learning be viewed “not as a universal solvent, but simply as one tool among many.” In place of pure deep learning, I called for hybrid models, that would incorporate not just supervised forms of deep learning, but also other techniques as well, such as...

How Big Tech Manipulates Academia to Avoid Regulation

At the Media Lab, I learned that the discourse of “ethical AI,” championed substantially by Ito, was aligned strategically with a Silicon Valley effort seeking to avoid legally enforceable restrictions of controversial technologies.


A Unified Framework of Five Principles for AI in Society

In the ensuing discussion, we note the limitations and assess the implications of this ethical framework for future efforts to create laws, rules, technical standards, and best practices for ethical AI in a wide range of contexts.

Ethical machine learning: the Australian government’s official AI ethics framework

Privacy protection and security: Throughout their lifecycle, AI systems should respect and uphold privacy rights and data protection, and ensure the security of data.

Applied use cases

From search to translation, AI research is improving Microsoft products

Over the past few years, Microsoft deep learning researchers were the first to achieve human parity milestones in developing algorithms that could perform about as well as a person on research benchmarks testing conversational speech recognition, reading comprehension, translation of news articles...

How smart is Artificial Intelligence?

The impacts are contributing by automating repetitive task, creating efficiencies, ubiquitously improving user experience, and creating ways for humans to improve our cognition.


Retail Robots Are on the Rise—at Every Level of the Industry

Robot Delivery On August 3rd, 2016, Domino’s Pizza introduced the Domino’s Robotic Unit, or “DRU” for short.
The first home delivery pizza robot, the DRU looks like a cross between R2-D2 and an oversized microwave.

Facebook is working on its own operating system

In an attempt to free itself from other tech giants like Google, Facebook is developing its own operating system (OS), The Information reports.
Facebook is also still working on its brain computer interface.

What's New In Robotics? 20.12.2019

In this week's news mix: FANUC debuts new cobot, research sheds light on trust between humans and robots and THOMAS project comes to an end.


Deepfake Bot Submissions to Federal Public Comment Websites Cannot Be Distinguished from Human Submissions

Comments generated by the bot were often highly relevant to the Idaho Medicaid waiver application, including discussion of the proposed waiver’s consequences on coverage numbers, its impact on government costs, unnecessary administrative burdens, and relevant personal experience.

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