How Recruitment Chatbots Drive HR Effectiveness & Create a New Candidate Experience

by Shali Gabisonia, Product Lead, AIBotPlanet

The most effective tools for Talent attraction migrated from marketing to recruitment. And the Marketing Funnel in recruitment has become the key weapon in the War for Talent.

Smart recruiters have adopted this method and continue enhancing and customizing it to the needs of their organizations, businesses, and industries.

And now, emerging AI-based solutions and chatbots create a new recruitment funnel experience. They bring the hiring practice to a new level up by automating the whole process and dramatically increasing its effectiveness.

The reason is that the popularity of instant messengers and apps is growing dynamically as well as the number of their users that currently stand for billions of people worldwide.

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In this context, Messenger Marketing and chatbots have turned into a strong trend. 90% of users activate chatbots. People using chatbots open and read more than 50% of incoming messages. Less than 1% of individuals using messengers deactivate their accounts. Just think of it, 2.5 billion people use Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp every day.

People chatting and prefer this type of communication to traditional emails or calls. So, chatbots make communication more natural and effectively engage your prospective candidates in interaction with your company.

Let us look closer at the recruitment funnel and its stages below.

Now, let’s dive into every stage and see how chatbots help in the process.

Employer Branding

This is the stage when a prospective candidate meets a chatbot the first time. It may happen in a social network, on an employer’s website, in an article or in any other channel where you plugin your chatbot.

Right from here, a chatbot starts telling the company’s stories and encourages prospective candidates to apply to openings, learn more about products or services, etc. And all this done conversationally and conveniently on a messenger.

The first interaction is important. So, be concise but attractive. Do use more videos, images and promise valuable information to candidates in exchange for their contact details and for further communication.

Talent Sourcing

Photo by Evgeni Tcherkasski on Unsplash

At this stage, you should have already created your Employer Value Proposition (EVP) and use it in your job postings, company information or in any other context. No doubt, your EVP is the central focus of your chatbot.

And now, you can plugin your chatbot to any channel where you want to attract prospective candidates from.

Usually, there are two recruitment channels where candidates are sourced: online & offline.

For our chatbot, the online channels may include a company’s career pages, social sites, landing pages, emails, texting, job boards, and many others. To bring candidates to your chatbot all you need is to use a special URL link connected to your chatbot. Another option is to use a website widget linked to the same chatbot.

For offline channels, you may use QR codes with embedded URLs that are scanned with any modern smartphone camera. The QR code could be placed in brochures, billboards, flyers, presentations, etc.

Talent Converting

The goal of this stage is to get prospective candidates into the process.

They should apply to an opening, become a member of a Talent Pool program or just have positive feelings about a company.

Another option is to turn candidates into Brand Advocates and engage them in a referral recruitment program if applicable.

No matter what is your selection process or what kind of referral recruitment program you have, the application process should be simple and fast for a candidate. And chatbots are great tools to make it happen in a conversational manner. They also fully automate activities and make the recruitment process convenient both for a recruiter and a candidate.

Conversational approach, the byte-sized and simplified application process, good sense of humor — all these attributes describe a chatbot, and a process, bringing more prospective candidates and increasing the Apply Rate.

Chatbots may use different strategies to engage candidates:

  • Broadcasting of job openings
  • Tests, Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Games
  • Broadcasting of industry, corporate news or any other valuable content
  • Invitations to special career or business online/offline events
  • Etc.

Your chatbot may be integrated into your existing Applicant Tracking System (ATS), so the whole recruitment process might be fully automated. Or work independently and on autopilot increasing efficiencies of your HR processes.

A chatbot may schedule a meeting, conduct job interviews, send notifications, ask to upload resumes, conduct video interviews, send messages, update profiles, execute recruitment marketing communication, run referral recruitment campaigns, and many others.

Offers / Rejection & Hire Onboarding

We combined these stages of the recruitment funnel here for simplification. The stages relate to administrative parts but are very important as showing a company’s attitude towards Talents.

Poor feedback or lack of communication after job interviews are the most mentioned problems pinpointed by candidates. Modern ATS platforms help automate the feedback process but still are formal, emails could go to spam or lost among others.

So, chatbots may help here fully automating the process and making it personalized. More advanced scenarios may connect managers with a candidate, conduct satisfaction surveys, etc.

For those candidates who are hired a chatbot makes life easier during the onboarding process.

A chatbot may engage and prepare candidates for their first day and beyond. A new hire may meet future colleagues, see the working environment, watch 360 videos and photos, provide documents, schedule first meetings and so on. All is done in a conversational manner on a messenger. As a result, the onboarding process becomes an enjoyable experience for a candidate eliminating any kind of stress and increasing success.


The recruitment funnel does not end with onboarding of new hires but goes further in the new form — Referral Recruitment.

Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

The main role in this stage is devoted to Brand Advocates who may promote a company’s vacancies among their network of contacts or on social media.

Of course, new employees should be considered as a company’s advocates and involved in the referral process.

A documented, structured and gamified Referral Recruitment program should exist in the organization. And chatbots could be a great tool in this program as they make the referral process structured, trackable and controllable.

The process is simple — develop a chatbot describing a vacancy in a conversational manner, then share the URL link of this chatbot with Brand Advocates for further reposting. Finally, track and analyze the results to reward active employees for successful reposting.

Happy Recruitment Funnel Building with Chatbots !!!

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