Strange Biology is now a Weekly Vertical at Ripley’s!


Good news! I signed a contract with Ripley’s Believe it or Not! and I will now be writing Strange Biology articles for them every week! Huzzah! 

Read some of the articles I’ve done so far here, and feel free to keep sending in coverage suggestions. 🙂 Thank you to my followers for being part of this, it’s a  bit of a dream for Strange Bio to be a part of Ripley’s now!

Wow, I’ve written a lot for this and made a lot of videos now! I’m running low on things to cover, so I’m bumping the call for ideas. If any of you have any weird biological things that you want explained, and hopefully can even suggest where to get images/videos, let me know!

Past articles were on: 

How diaphonization works
Yes, you can take a skeleton on a plane
The science of being born with two faces
That time hundreds of ancient Egyptian cat mummies were sold as fertilizer

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