Towards Universal Languages for Tractable Ontology Mediated Query Answering. (arXiv:1911.11359v1 [cs.AI])

An ontology language for ontology mediated query answering (OMQA-language) is
universal for a family of OMQA-languages if it is the most expressive one among
this family. In this paper, we focus on three families of tractable
OMQA-languages, including first-order rewritable languages and languages whose
data complexity of the query answering is in AC0 or PTIME. On the negative
side, we prove that there is, in general, no universal language for each of
these families of languages. On the positive side, we propose a novel property,
the locality, to approximate the first-order rewritability, and show that there
exists a language of disjunctive embedded dependencies that is universal for
the family of OMQA-languages with locality. All of these results apply to OMQA
with query languages such as conjunctive queries, unions of conjunctive queries
and acyclic conjunctive queries.

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