Post-doctoral Positions in Neuroelectronics and Engineering at Northeastern University

The Fang research group ( seeks outstanding candidates to fill TWO post-doctoral positions in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University in Boston, USA. The candidates will be working on research projects related to soft neural interfaces.


The post-doctoral candidates should meet the basic requirements of training/expertise as described below:

  • In vivo neural recording and biocompatibility studies. Candidates should have ample experience and capability to conduct in vivo neural engineering studies (surgical implant of electrodes in the brain, in vivo recording/stimulation, and histological analysis).


  • Active matrix data acquisition system development. Candidate should have experience and capability to develop large-throughput data acquisition system for actively multiplexed electrode array to record extracellular neuronal signals.


These positions are available immediately until filled.  Qualified candidates can send their (a) CV, (b) three representative publications, and (c) names and contact info of at least two references to

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