A Measurement of Social Capital in an Open Source Software Project. (arXiv:1911.10283v1 [cs.SI])

The paper provides an understanding of social capital in organizations that
are open membership multi-agent systems with an emphasis in our formulation on
the dynamic network of social interaction that, in part, elucidate evolving
structures and impromptu topologies of networks. This paper, therefore, models
an open source project as an organizational network. It provides definitions of
social capital for this organizational network and formulation of the mechanism
to optimize the social capital for achieving its goal that is optimized
productivity. A case study of an open source Apache-Hadoop project is
considered and empirically evaluated. An analysis of how social capital can be
created within this type of organizations and driven to a measurement for its
value is provided. Finally, a verification on whether the social capital of the
organizational network is proportional towards optimizing their productivity is

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