PENTAX Medical’s DEC HD Partially Disposable Duodenoscope FDA Cleared

PENTAX Medical is releasing its DEC HD duodenoscope, a high-definition device that uses disposable distal caps and elevator levers, in the United States. The capability to simply throw away the components that tend to harbor bacteria, associated with the transmission of disease and even death, helps to guarantee that there’s little chance of passing pathogens between patients.

The duodenoscope, already introduced in many other countries two years ago, allows for high fidelity imaging during endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP) procedures while benefiting from quick reprocessing and a much reduced chance of exposure.

PENTAX Medical touts the device’s ease of control, and ability to view the mucosa and visualize it in high-definition, and to find the papilla for successful cannulation.

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Via: PENTAX Medical

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