Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Data Privacy Is A High Priority – 2020 Trends & Insights – Nov 19th 2019

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Guess you know that data privacy is a hot topic and a top priority for businesses and government agencies. Who wouldn’t? In our tech-driven world, the economy runs on data and it has surpassed oil as the world’s most valuable resource.

As we thought you’d like it, we’ve developed this special edition in close collaboration with the global leader in data privacy automation: Integris Software.

This issue combines the most relevant news, hand-picked from trusted leaders in the data security industry, along with a study performed by Integris that seeks to understand how mid to large-sized US enterprises manage data privacy.

How does your data privacy management program compare to top enterprises? Learn more thanks to an exclusive community of +250 decision-makers surveyed in this study.

Wish you a good reading!

Artificial Intelligence Weekly

In the News

7 unexpected ways GDPR and other privacy regulations make security harder

he GDPR and other privacy regulations are creating new opportunities for cyber criminals and roadblocks for security teams, while in some cases putting personal data at greater risk.


Enterprise Data Privacy Research – how does your company compare?

The most referenced data privacy study from 2019! Covered by Dark Reading, Business Insider, and CPO Magazine. The research compares readiness, tools, process, and budgets. See how you compare. Get your copy!

In The News

DNA collection firm focus of data protection inquiry

A State-backed company that plans to collect the DNA of hundreds of thousands of Irish people is being probed by the Data Protection Commissioner, following complaints about the way it gathers information.

Germany: berlin data protection authority imposes eur 14.5 million fine for “data cemetery”

Deutsche Wohnen SE is a real estate company which was accused of having used an archiving system for the storage of personal data of tenants which did not allow for the erasure of data that was no longer necessary.

Rogue Trend Micro Employee Sold Customer Data for 68K Accounts

Trend Micro customers whose data was sold are getting scam calls from criminals purporting to be support staff.


Legislators and governments globally are starting to wake up to the implications of the digital revolution on individuals’ rights. This is exacerbated by the fact that choice is limited, as a small group of companies dominate the consumer space.

Microsoft to apply California's privacy law for all US users

Microsoft’s chief privacy officer promises to apply the CCPA to all US users, not just Californians.

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