Dr. Konstantin for New Beauty Magazine: Dead Giveaways That You Had Work Done

Dr. Konstantin contributes to New Beauty Magazine article detailing the signs of “bad” facelift surgery.  Here are some of the answers that did not make it to the article:

Are there any signs of “bad” plastic surgery that you see often/are common?

The most common sign of “bad” plastic surgery is unnaturally pulled look.  That happened a lot with the old fashioned facelift.  Fortunately, it is exceedingly rare today.

What’s a sign of “good” plastic surgery (going to assume you don’t even notice it!)?

With an expertly performed facelift it becomes exceedingly difficult to notice any signs of surgical rejuvenation. The facial contour appears natural and the incision lines well placed in the areas around the ear where they are not visible.  The biggest giveaway of “good” plastic surgery is when someone looks just too young for their age.  Good genetics and a healthy lifestyle will certainly help to look younger, but only facelift can reset the clock by a good 10-15 years.

Are there any “old” plastic surgery indicators that surgeons have minimized in the modern world (visible scars, etc.)?

Bald spots in the temple, pulled ear lobes, visible scars that are placed in front rather than inside the ear, wide cross hatched appearing scars, stretched lips these are just a few tell tale signs of an old day facelift.   All these unsightly changes have resolved with modern day facelifts.

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