21 CBS DFW: Understanding, Unlocking The Brain’s Full Potential

NORTH TEXAS (CSBDFW.COM) – The human brain is the most complex organ in the body and there is still a lot to understand about its function and cognition. In Dallas, the Center for BrainHealth is looking to unlock the brain’s full potential.

If you want to know more about the brain, the Center for BrainHealth offers lectures and programs for the community. Click here to check out their programs.

Dr. Dinesh Sivakolundu, a doctoral student at UT Dallas and a researcher at the Center for BrainHealth has developed technology for a novel diagnostic method for multiple sclerosis(MS). He sat down with “Plugged In” to explain how scientists at the Center for BrainHealth are studying the brain and how it functions.

Posted October 17 2019




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