Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Issue #130: Unilever use AI to assess job interviews – Oct 31st 2019

In the News

Unilever saves on recruiters by using AI to assess job interviews

Unilever has claimed it is saving hundreds of thousands of pounds a year by replacing human recruiters with an artificial intelligence system, amid warnings of a populist backlash against the spread of machine learning.


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In The News

AlphaStar: Grandmaster level in StarCraft II using multi-agent reinforcement learning

We chose to use general-purpose machine learning techniques – including neural networks, self-play via reinforcement learning, multi-agent learning, and imitation learning – to learn directly from game data with general purpose techniques.

Why the next revolution in robotics is collaboration

Epitomizing the mantra “teamwork makes the dream work”, it showcases a system of tiny collaborative robots which could one day work together to build high-performance structures, ranging from airplanes to houses to space settlements.

The Past Decade and Future of AI’s Impact on Society

Such access has helped lead to massive reduction of global inequality and extreme poverty, for example by allowing farmers to know fair prices, best crops, and giving them access to accurate weather predictions (Aker and Mbiti, 2010).


Debate on Instrumental Convergence between LeCun, Russell, Bengio, Zador, and More

On the other hand, although probably not in the near future, there could be AI systems which surpass human intellectual power in ways that could foil our attempts at setting objective functions which avoid harm to us.

Artificial lntelligence: An Equality, Data Protection and Human Rights framework

AI Law Hub at is part of the international discussion examining how AI and other forms of potentially discriminatory technology can be analysed within the existing equality, data protection and human rights framework.

Applied use cases

Top AI Research Advances For Machine Learning Infrastructure

The data analyzer component creates summary statistics that can be used to validate data, the data validator component checks data properties against the defined schema and the model unit tester uses synthetic input data to check the training code for errors propagated by erroneous input data at an…

World's First University of Artificial Intelligence Opens in 2020

The research-based AI university “will bring the discipline of AI into the forefront, molding and empowering creative pioneers who can lead us to a new AI empowered era,”

How AI deep learning is transforming industrial manufacturing

According to the latest worldwide market study by ABI Research, the total installed base of AI-enabled devices in industrial manufacturing will reach 15.4 million in 2024 — with a CAGR of 64.8 percent from 2019 to 2024.


Misty Robotics Announces General Availability of Misty II Robot

BOULDER, Colo. – Misty Robotics, developers of the Misty robotics platform, today announced the general availability of its Misty II robot, a professional-grade robot system.

What's New In Robotics? 25.10.2019

In this week’s news mix: Mitusubishi teases new cobot, researchers unveil cobot-testing AR platform and industrial robot sales in India jump 39 percent.


Introducing The Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to help us realize our shared dream of a better future for all of humanity, but it will bring with it challenges and opportunities we can’t yet foresee.

Facebook highlights AI that converts 2D objects into 3D shapes

“[Our] research builds on recent advances in using deep learning to predict and localize objects in an image, as well as new tools and architectures for 3D shape understanding, like voxels, point clouds, and meshes,”

Learning to Predict Without Looking Ahead: World Models Without Forward Prediction

While there are many ways of constructing world models for cart-pole, an optimal forward predictive model will have to generate trajectories of solutions to the simple linear differential equation describing the pole’s dynamics near the unstable equilibrium point 1.

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