Dental Disruption: The Decade That Changed Dentistry

When you write a book that becomes a #1 best seller on Amazon, your first reaction might be to pop the champagne corks and start celebrating. That’s not quite what’s happening here at the My Dental Agency offices. While our book, Dental Disruption: The Decade That Changed Dentistry, is now a #1 best seller on Amazon, we are feeling grateful and humbled more than anything.

I decided to write this book to help dentists navigate the shift in traditional marketing that had many practices overwhelmed and unable to attract the kind of patients they wanted. The book reveals what has changed in the way dental practices market themselves, and the marketing must do’s that help you achieve real and lasting growth.

It’s not easy to take on these marketing challenges, however, when you’re busy with the day to day activities of your dental practice. That’s why our team at My Dental Agency works tirelessly to help dentists like you take advantage of today’s marketing tools and implement them. I couldn’t be more proud of our team and what we’ve helped dentists across the country accomplish. The bottomline is we help transform dental practices so they can focus on what they do best, taking care of patients.

My hope is that Dental Disruption doesn’t just help dentists grow their practice, but helps them make a bigger impact in the dentistry field. It’s a huge accomplishment to be an Amazon Best Seller, but it’s an even bigger achievement to help elevate the profession. We want to see dentists be able to better communicate the benefits of dental treatments with new and existing patients that are often life changing.

As rapid advancements in dental technology and techniques are made, dental marketing needs to keep up, too. We are truly humbled this message in Dental Disruption has resonated with so many of you. Haven’t read the book yet? You can pick up your copy of Dental Disruption here. As always, if you have questions about how to grow your dental practice you can reach us by calling 800-689-6434.

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