Relation Module for Non-answerable Prediction on Question Answering. (arXiv:1910.10843v1 [cs.CL])

Machine reading comprehension(MRC) has attracted significant amounts of
research attention recently, due to an increase of challenging reading
comprehension datasets. In this paper, we aim to improve a MRC model’s ability
to determine whether a question has an answer in a given context (e.g. the
recently proposed SQuAD 2.0 task). Our solution is a relation module that is
adaptable to any MRC model. The relation module consists of both semantic
extraction and relational information. We first extract high level semantics as
objects from both question and context with multi-head self-attentive pooling.
These semantic objects are then passed to a relation network, which generates
relationship scores for each object pair in a sentence. These scores are used
to determine whether a question is non-answerable. We test the relation module
on the SQuAD 2.0 dataset using both BiDAF and BERT models as baseline readers.
We obtain 1.8% gain of F1 on top of the BiDAF reader, and 1.0% on top of the
BERT base model. These results show the effectiveness of our relation module on

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