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STAT Plus: Pharmalitttle: Purdue looks to extend bankruptcy shield to Sacklers; AARP runs feisty campaign on drug prices

Good morning, everyone, and how are you today? We are doing just splendidly, thank you, after a decent sleep and the happy arrival of a shiny sun coupled with a c-o-o-l breeze. The only thing lacking is a cup of stimulation, which we will attempt to remedy in a moment. Meanwhile, though, we have been busy foraging items of interest, which we have assembled below for your enjoyment. On that note, time to fire up the coffee kettle. Hope all goes well today in your world …

AARP, the seniors organization better known for travel deals and discount car insurance, is running an aggressive multimillion-dollar campaign against the pharmaceutical industry and its high prices, STAT tells us. The effort includes hiring single-engine plans to circle above beachgoers in Ocean City, Md., with banners saying “CUT DRUG PRICES NOW,” and having seniors dressed as pill bottles outside the Denver office of Republican Sen. Cory Gardner.

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