DM cardiology course suffers from a 50% entry block… A NEET angioplasty done.

The most premier course in medicine, DM cardiology just got an entry makeover.

The qualifying mark was lowered to 20% from the current 50th percentile The reason is many private medical college seats went vacant after the Initial counselling in NEET superspeciality exams.

Becoming a cardiologist was a dream come true for those days for us. “You have to read the red covered 3rd edition Brunwald and all clinical chapters from Hurst for two full years” before even to think of writing DM entrance, my senior used to tell me in late 1980s.Yes, life may still be tough in post graduate entrance but, there is an exclusive fast lane for privileged few where the “Goal posts”start coming towards you.Thanks to the explosion of private medical institutes.

Nothing wrong, it’s not a medical calamity. If the entry is made easy. It doesn’t mean all students are below par.Just 80 % below par.

One big consolation

Medicine is an art to be learned. Unfortunately (or fortunately) students of medicine requires more of sincerity, hardwork, motivation, honesty and Intention to learn. Intelligence and knowledge is there in the list but definitely not in the top.

While mediocrity is a menace in medical education, three decades into medical profession, my conscience tells me even merit, expertise, competence end up as double edged swords if they land up in wrong place with a dubious motive. So, ultimately academic guarding of all these so called entry and exit points to DM courses doesn’t really matter much.

Get ready for grand future

Let’s welcome all the new generation cardiologists in whatever form and this country needs more of them to tame the raising cardiovascular disease burden.

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