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STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: U.S. judge rules drug makers must face opioid trial; Purdue threatens bankruptcy

Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. And the Pharmalot campus is no exception. Our shortest person has left for the local schoolhouse, the other short one is gearing up for a new round of gainful employment, and our official mascot is breathing heavily nearby. All of which means we are, more or less, left to our own devices. Scary thought, yes? Well, take heart. We have faithfully assembled the latest menu of tidbits for you to peruse. Hope your day is smashing and, as always, do keep in touch. …

A U.S. judge rejected efforts by major drug makers, pharmacies, and distributors to dismiss claims that they caused the nation’s opioid crisis, clearing the way for a scheduled landmark trial even as he pushes for a nationwide settlement, Reuters reports. U.S. District Judge Dan Polster, who oversees roughly 2,000 opioid lawsuits by states, counties, and cities, ruled the plaintiffs can try to prove that deceptive marketing of the painkillers caused a harmful, massive increase in supply that pharmacies and distributors did not do enough to stop.

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