How an Education Firm Generated a 1,220% ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) with Messenger Bots & Ads

Meet Hamilton Education — located in Carmel Valley, California, they’re known for their SAT and ACT prep, college admissions counseling, and tutoring programs that help high school students get accepted at Elite & Ivy League Universities in the United States.

They don’t usually dabble in Facebook and Instagram ads, and this would be their first Messenger Bot campaign, ever!

We combined the power of Automation (Messenger Bots) and Ads to get more students to sign up for their summer program through the bot.

We pre-qualified potential clients, collected contact info, automated free consultation forms, and educated on Hamilton Education’s SAT/ACT Prep programs.

All on autopilot.

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The Problem Child: Traditional Media & Email

  • Email is dying — Ok, not literally. Email still exists. But open rates are SLIPPIN’ with an average of 18.9% open rates for the Education industry.. Yikes.
  • Traditional Media is old school.
    You could pay $15,000 for traditional marketing efforts like a billboard, TV ads, direct mailers, and never know if it actually worked… Because there aren’t measurable results.
  • The bottom line is traditional media is a pricey option to choose when there are SO many other marketing tools out there to build brand awareness and measure a real ROI.
  • Messenger Bot open rates are 80%+
  • 1.3 BILLION+ humans use Messenger every month.
  • You’re losing out on sales every day you aren’t using Messenger Bots as a part of your Marketing System.
  • Do you need more reasons?

First Things First, What’s a Chatbot?

To put it simply, a chatbot is a series of automated messages/responses that when combined with Facebook and Instagram Ads, can make your business more sales (or get more clients).

It’s easier if I just show you instead of tell you…

You can learn all about chatbots, from my bot Karl by clicking here — it’ll open up in Facebook Messenger, then tap “Get Started” and Karl will show you all things bots.

Moving on to more important things!

How We Used Chatbots + Ads to Make Real, Trackable Sales

Tip #1) If you want a LOT of people to actually subscribe to your bot, you need Facebook and Instagram Ads, period.

So after researching Hamilton’s target audience, we programmed Ads that when clicked on, opened up their chatbot in Facebook Messenger.

Like this ad:

The “Learn More” Button Opens Up Their Chatbot, When Clicked.

Tip #2) Pre-Qualify Your Chatbot Subscribers.

We made sure that our ads were reaching the right people, at the right time. Pre-qualifying all ad-clickers with questions before booking their consultation.

Example of the chatbot pre-qualifying people who click on the ad ^

Tip #3) Follow-Up. On Autopilot.

Easily the most ignored or forgotten step in any marketing endeavor… The best part about chatbots, is that you can program them to follow up with your potential clients, for you.

Example of a Follow-Up Message ^

So, we did this. And it increased # of consultations booked by almost double.

The End Results?

12x Return on Ad Spend
100% Trackable Results and New Clients
Priceless Subscriber List on Facebook Messenger
85%+ Average Open Rate

I hope that this article helped to show you what is possible for your business with messenger bots.
Welcome to the future.

If you’re interested in learning how you can use Messenger Bots + Ads for your business, fill out a form for a free consultation call by clicking here or message us on Facebook at .
We only take on a selective number of clients at one time, so make sure to apply sooner rather than later.

All the best,


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