Chatbot Design Mistakes That Make Your Customer Leave

When it comes to business communication and customer service, chatbots are taking over. The use of artificial intelligence to deliver effective conversations with potential customers has made a revolution in the way we do business. They can create leads, inspire you to make a purchase or help you find exactly what you’re looking for. However, not everyone is keen on talking to a chatbot, especially if it’s not properly designed.

To ensure your chatbot doesn’t do the opposite of what it’s designed for, you need to be careful not to make some of the most common mistakes. To help you nail chatbot design, we’ve put together a list of chatbot design mistakes to avoid. Let’s break it down together.

1. Lengthy, Complex Messages

Chatbots are initially designed with the idea to speed up the process of finding a service or making a purchase.

With this in mind, you need to pay attention to the length of your chatbot’s messages, especially the greeting ones.

Hi there! What can I help you with?

This is a great example of what a chatbot message should look like. It’s short, clear, and can be read in less than 5 seconds.

Hi there! My name is Leo. I can help you out with anything you need. Just let me know what you’re looking for and we can kick it off together. Are you ready to start?

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This message is problematic and inefficient for several reasons:

– it’s too long

– it’s complicated

– it takes out a significant amount of time out of the average web visitor’s life

Therefore, make sure each of the messages your chatbot sends is simple and serves a clear purpose.

This way, you’ll ensure there’s nothing to worry about and your customers will stay interested and engaged.

Source: Fandango

2. Not Taking the Lead

People who are willing to use a chatbot, don’t like to be the one taking initiative.

If a chatbot isn’t taking the lead and asking the right questions, the conversation might end.

Therefore, you need to avoid the following mistakes:

no call to action
Hi there! I can help you out with your journey here.

This message is simple but it doesn’t invite a customer to make a move. If left like this, it might make them leave.

Instead, give them a clear choice:

Do you need my help? YES/NO

no clear questions

When you ask a question, it needs to be precise and to the point. This is the only way a customer will actually answer it.

What are you looking for today?

You need to give them a single option for a short and precise answer, or else they’ll feel like they need to invest way too much energy it the conversation. And that will definitely push them back.

Source: Hipmunk via ManyChat

3. Not Portraying Brand Identity

The identity of your brand is what makes people want to buy it and become a loyal customer.

Everything you write, publish, design, create, and sell is a part of your brand’s identity. That includes your chatbot.

Your chatbot needs to illustrate and showcase the identity of your brand by following its:

– voice

– style

– tone

– personality

If the chatbot’s personality and style of conversation are different from what a loyal customer would expect, it might disappoint them. For example, if you integrate a chatbot on a professional contractor website, you’d want to make sure it offers visitors strict, business-style conversations. Om the other hand, a chatbot on a website about travel could use a more light-hearted tone of voice.

This mistake can seriously affect the way your customers see you and make them leave the conversation or even your website.

4. Not Using Customer Data

Although people are aware a chatbot is not an actual human being they’re talking to, you could still walk the extra mile and make it a bit more personal.

Instead of sending the same generic messages to all your customers, try making the use of the available customer data and make them feel special.

Personalize the messages by using data such as:

– their name

– their location

– their local time

– their previous purchases

This way you can adjust the greeting messages to the time of day, mentioning the customer’s name. You can use the information they gave in their previous purchase to save them the time.

Not only will you speed up the process, but you’ll make them feel special and appreciated. And that’s something worth staying for.

Source: MobileMonkey

5. Letting Mistakes Slip

A chatbot is one of the mirror images of your brand and it has to show just how professional and trustworthy you are.

This means that every detail of your chatbot’s functioning needs to be to the point. And, that includes the text itself.

Everything your chatbot is writing needs to be proofread to avoid:

– spelling mistakes

– grammar mistakes

– wrong sentence structures

– weird vocabulary

If a customer sees even the slightest spelling mistake it will automatically make them feel like they’re communicating with a mediocre brand, and they’ll leave the conversation.

To ensure you’ve got this covered, you can use an online tool or service such as Grammarly or Top Writers Review.

6. Being Too Pushy

The mission of your chatbot is to help people find what they need and get as many people to do business with your brand.

However, it’s important to find the line between being at their service and pushing them too hard.

This means that you should avoid the following:

– sending more than one message to a customer not replying

– not taking no for an answer

– offering more and more to a person who found what they needed

Make sure you design your chatbot to be patient and non-aggressive. Don’t make it overly pushy and irritating.

Always give the customers a choice to end the conversation when they want it and how they want it.

Final Thoughts

Chatbot design mistakes can serious issues to your brand identity and overall business success. It’s crucial that you cover all the major points in the design and avoid the mistakes which can send your customers away.

Hopefully, the advice above helped you realize what are the mistakes you need to be aware of and ensure not to make them. Use them as a guide for your future ventures and make sure you have impeccable chatbot design.

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