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Men vs. women – it’s one of the classic battles of the ages. Ask most men who they think the stronger gender is and they’ll generally say men. However, just because they’re more likely to be physically stronger doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthier. In fact, when it comes to health, and especially oral health, men are typically the weaker sex. And now, there’s science to back it up. Read on as a dentist in Fremont talks about the oral habits of men versus women.

Who Visits the Dentist More?

A study was conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that measured how often men and women go to the dentist between the years of 1997 and 2013. Overall, both men and women are seeing their dentists more often, which is excellent news for their oral health. However, while men saw an increase of 0.5% in dental visits since 1997, women saw an increase of 1.8% since then. This means that women are generally more likely to visit their dentist than men are.

What Does This Mean?

The article where this study was published goes on to say that women’s better health habits may be a reason why they have a higher life expectancy than men. Dental health has been linked to overall health. By having better oral health, women are more likely to have better general health, which probably helps them live longer. Although hygiene habits aren’t the only reason for this gender gap, it’s definitely a link worth exploring.

Why Should You See Your Dentist Twice a Year?

In order to keep your oral and overall health in top shape, it’s important to see your dentist at least every six months. That way he or she can:

  • Remove tartar that can cause gum disease, which is linked to multiple diseases including diabetes, heart disease, and Alzheimer’s
  • Whiten your teeth
  • Examine for signs of decay
  • Check for early signs of gum disease or oral cancer
  • Diagnose other health problems that can present symptoms in the mouth, like diabetes or celiac disease

No matter what gender you are, it’s important to take care of your oral health. That includes regular brushing, flossing, and – you guessed it – more checkups and cleanings with your dentist.

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Dr. James Block is a third-generation dentist in Fremont, CA who achieved his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Southern California dental school. He loves being able to blend art and technology to build beautiful smiles for his patients. To book your regular cleaning with Dr. Block, click here or call (510)-793-0801.

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