Technician/lab manager – Mammalian evo/devo lab at Princeton University


A technician/lab manager position is available in the laboratory led by Ricardo Mallarino, Department of Molecular Biology, Princeton University ( The lab focuses on uncovering the genetic and developmental mechanisms by which form and structure are generated during vertebrate embryogenesis. We combine the study of emerging and traditional model organisms to explore questions relating to patterning and evolution of novelty in the mammalian skin. The lab uses a variety of approaches, including experimental embryology, genetics, genomics, imaging, and mathematical modelling to uncover gene function and understand mechanisms of evolutionary change.



The successful candidate will manage essential operating procedures for the lab and work with the PI and other lab members to design and perform experiments. Specifically, the candidate will develop in vivo functional and genome editing approaches in non-traditional model species and perform cell-culture based enhancer screens. Other duties will include molecular cloning, histology, in situ hybridization, nucleic acid extraction and library preparation, tissue culture and media preparation, as well as lab maintenance, organization, safety and ordering.

Essential Qualifications

Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in the biological sciences plus previous laboratory experience is required. Previous experience in cell culture techniques and rodent model systems is necessary (colony management, genotyping and dissections). Basic molecular biology methods and computer literacy are essential. Must be highly motivated and have demonstrated ability to plan, coordinate and carry out independent research. Excellent organization skills, ability to communicate effectively and willingness to learn new techniques are necessary traits. Applicants should be willing to commit to the position for at least two/three years.

Preferred Qualifications

A strong background in molecular biology and/or genetics is preferred. Knowledge of rodent reproductive biology and surgical skills are a plus. Rank and salary are dependent upon qualifications and experience.

To apply for this position please submit a CV and a cover letter describing research interests to

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