ART: Abstraction Refinement-Guided Training for Provably Correct Neural Networks. (arXiv:1907.10662v1 [cs.LG])

Artificial neural networks (ANNs) have demonstrated remarkable utility in a
variety of challenging machine learning applications. However, their complex
architecture makes asserting any formal guarantees about their behavior
difficult. Existing approaches to this problem typically consider verification
as a post facto white-box process, one that reasons about the safety of an
existing network through exploration of its internal structure, rather than via
a methodology that ensures the network is correct-by-construction. In this
paper, we present a novel learning framework that takes an important first step
towards realizing such a methodology. Our technique enables the construction of
provably correct networks with respect to a broad class of safety properties, a
capability that goes well-beyond existing approaches. Overcoming the challenge
of general safety property enforcement within the network training process in a
supervised learning pipeline, however, requires a fundamental shift in how we
architect and build ANNs. Our key insight is that we can integrate an
optimization-based abstraction refinement loop into the learning process that
iteratively splits the input space from which training data is drawn, based on
the efficacy with which such a partition enables safety verification. To do so,
our approach enables training to take place over an abstraction of a concrete
network that operates over dynamically constructed partitions of the input
space. We provide theoretical results that show that classical gradient descent
methods used to optimize these networks can be seamlessly adopted to this
framework to ensure soundness of our approach. Moreover, we empirically
demonstrate that realizing soundness does not come at the price of accuracy,
giving us a meaningful pathway for building both precise and correct networks.

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