Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Issue #115: Facial Recognition Tech Is Growing Stronger, Thanks to Your Face – Jul 18th 2019

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Facial Recognition Tech Is Growing Stronger, Thanks to Your Face

The databases are pulled together with images from social networks, photo websites, dating services like OkCupid and cameras placed in restaurants and on college quads.


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In The News

This NASA Robot Uses "Fishhook Grippers" to Climb Rock Walls

In future missions to Mars or icy moons, robots with AI and climbing technology derived from LEMUR could discover similar signs of life.

Artificial intelligence designs metamaterials used in the invisibility cloak

Metamaterials are artificial materials engineered to have properties not found in naturally occurring materials, and they are best known as materials for invisibility cloaks.


Onward! Another #GoogleWalkout Goodbye

I’m committed to the AI Now Institute, to my AI ethics work, and to organizing for an accountable tech industry — and it’s clear Google isn’t a place where I can continue this work.

The Metamorphosis

Ironically, the ultimate effect of this case-by-case problem solving may be the transformation of human reasoning and decision making.


A History of ROS (Robot Operating System)

Those two guys were worried about the most common problem of robotics at the time: too much time dedicated to reimplement the software infrastructure required to build complex robotics algorithms.

Carnegie Mellon build first AI that beats pros in 6-player poker

Pluribus plays a strategy that consistently defeats elite human poker professionals in six-player poker, and the algorithms are therefore capable of producing superhuman strategies in a wider class of settings beyond two-player zero-sum games.

Applied use cases

Machine Learning in Agriculture: Applications and Techniques

Machine learning, in particular, deep learning algorithms, take decades of field data to analyze crops performance in various climates and new characteristics developed in the process.

Understanding implicit regularization in deep learning by analyzing trajectories of gradient descent

Sanjeev’s recent blog post suggested that the conventional view of optimization is insufficient for understanding deep learning, as the value of the training objective does not reliably capture generalization.


LakhNES: Generate 8-bit music with machine learning

The steps required are as follows: Set up your model environment Set up your audio synthesis environment Download a pre-trained checkpoint Generate and listen to chiptunes.

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AI capabilities: seeking a better understanding of the capabilities and limitations of the current AI systems, and the likely paths along which these capabilities may grow as the field of machine intelligence advances.

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