Gene Regulatory Networks for Development Course – apply by 17 July

Applications are now open for this year’s Gene Regulatory Networks for Development at The Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, USA from October 13-26.  The application deadline is July 17th. The course is for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, staff scientists and faculty members. It focuses on using experimental data and computational modeling to analyze gene regulatory networks controlling development.

This unique course is an intense and always interesting experience and has had great reviews in all of the previous years. Students will meet with renowned experts in the field for an in-depth treatment of experimental and computational approaches to GRN science. Through lectures, highly interactive discussions, and group projects we will explore the GRN concept and how it can be applied to solve developmental mechanisms in various systems and contexts. Topics include structural and functional properties of networks, GRN evolution, cis-regulatory logic, experimental analysis of GRNs, examples of solved GRNs in a variety of developmental contexts, and the computational analysis of network behaviour by continuous and discrete modelling approaches.

Travel fellowships are available.

For more information about the course, go to

GERN 2019 Poster


2019 Course Faculty:

Scott Barolo – U. of Michigan (co-director)
James Briscoe – Francis Crick Institute
Martha Bulyk – Harvard U.
Ken Cho – UC Irvine
Doug Erwin – Smithsonian Institution
Robb Krumlauf – Stowers Institute
Arthur Lander – UC Irvine
Bill Longabaugh – Institute for Systems Biology
Lee Niswander – U. of Colorado
Isabelle Peter – Caltech (co-director)
Alexander Stark – IMP Vienna
Zeba Wunderlich – UC Irvine

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