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STAT Plus: Pharmalittle: Drug prices rose 10.5% this year; Senate committee probes groups tied to opioid makers

Rise and shine, everyone, another busy day is on the way. Despite the short week on this side of the pond, the world keeps spinning, which means there is much to do. So time to fire up the coffee kettle and down another cup of stimulation — our choice today is candy cane, believe it or not — and, as always, we invite you to join us. Meanwhile, here are a few items of interest to help you on your journey. Hope all goes well and you conquer the world. …

Prescription drug prices jumped 10.5% over the past six months, not as fast the 15% seen during the same period last year but still four times faster than inflation, despite increasing pressure from the Trump administration and Congress on the pharmaceutical industry, according to data from RxSavings Solutions. The average increase on July 1, a time when drug makers often raises price, was 13.1%, compared with 7.8% a year ago. And prices rose on 104 medicines this week, versus 318 in 2018.

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