We have previously characterized processes underlying diversity in leaf form between and within species and have identified genetic pathways influencing this trait. Here, we propose to investigate the possible physiological and metabolic significance of this variation, as well as possible feedbacks between metabolism and leaf form. The project will involve comparative studies of Cardamine hirsuta and Arabidopsis thaliana. References: Kierzkowski, D, Runions, A, et al., (2019) Cell 177, 1405-1418. Vuolo F, et al., (2016) Genes Dev. 30, 2370-75. 2. Gan X, et al., (2016) Nat Plants 2, 16167.  3. Rast-Somssich, M.I et al.,  (2015). Genes Dev 29, 2391-2404  Cartolano, M., et al.,  4. 2015 PNAS 112, 10539-44. 5. Vlad D, et al., (2014) Science 343, 780-3.

Qualifications needed: Plant Molecular/Developmental Genetics (especially in Arabidopsis), Metabolic Physiology, NGS data analysis

Part of a bigger application call, please apply as described: https://www.ceplas.eu/en/training-careers/ceplas-postdoc-programme/call-2019/

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