Why and How Casinos Use Chatbots for Customers’ Interaction


AI technologies are developing by leaps and bounds. Nowadays, there are new tools for interaction between users and computers, called chatbots. Actually, they’re a kind of messaging software that helps people receive the requested information, but at the same time, it collects data about the visitors of a website.

These chatbot features are very useful for many industries, and for the casino industry in particular. Why?

What are chatbots? And why use them?

Basically, chatbots recognize phrase patterns and, with the help of conditional statements, reply to the question asked by the user. Of course, this is an example of a simple technology that has little to do with advanced AI. However, there are ‘smart’ chatbots that are not only able to understand what you’re asking, but also can self-learn and develop their communication skills.

Chatbots are great for maintaining the user base and making the company’s clients satisfied. This leads to the growth of sales and boost in customer loyalty. Besides, they can help companies to effectively reach out to new clients via popular messengers. Still, the main benefit of chatbots is the possibility to understand your customers better. They can provide you with detailed and relevant information about the client’s biggest pain points, so you can easily improve your products or services.

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Because of such advantages, many companies use this technology to create better customer service. For example, PVR Cinemas’ chatbot asks customers several questions to collect the necessary information on their preferences. After that, the bot immediately finds and books the right tickets. Hence, there is no need to waste time waiting for a live chat with a cinema agent, because everything can be accomplished by a chatbot in a matter of minutes.

In addition, the clients of famous logistic company Safexpress can use its bot to schedule a pick-up and check the shipment status.

One more example is Insomnobot3000. It helps people who have sleep problems. This friendly bot acts as a dialog partner and sustains an entertaining conversation to help the person fall asleep.

ABI chatbot released by The Allstate Corporation is more of a virtual assistant. It helps to reduce the call centre traffic taking over some of the customer support duties.

As you can see the possibilities of this niche are almost limitless and this technology can help you reach success in any area.

Online casinos and chatbots: Is it a good match?

Due to great functionality, chatbots are widespread in the gambling industry. Now, with the help of this technology, it’s possible to create a direct link between the casino and the player even via popular messengers such as Telegram or Facebook Messenger. Analyzing player behavior, the bot can offer online gambling games, provide technical support or even help deposit or withdraw money. Moreover, it can define the rules of each game, as well as customize the player’s bonuses and privileges.

Usually, to communicate with a casino bot via the messenger players use texts or special interface buttons. One of the biggest benefits of such interaction is that there’s no need to install a dedicated app. Besides, some casinos allow users to play specific games right from the messenger. So, they can literally get access to a variety of games without entering the casino website. Additionally, players will be able to combine two or more activities without the need to leave the messenger. For instance, they can chat with their friends, play slots and read the news at once.

Any online casino works around the clock; and every day hundreds of clients contact its customer service. Not only can the usage of chatbots cut the player support costs, but also provide people with a faster issue resolution time. Bots can work at holidays and they don’t need rest. In fact, Gartner says, that in 2022 the majority of customers’ questions will be answered by chatbots. And it’s a no-brainer that this technology can help the live support team focus only on important queries.

Right now, many experts are sure that chatbots will contribute to the growth of the gambling industry. For example, the founder of Odds 1X2, Assaf Stiegliz says that bots can help companies save money by reducing the staff expenses. He believes it’s possible to spend the saved funds to offer more pleasant bonuses, create new games and attract more players.

Famous iGaming software company Slotegrator found out that Telegram is the best messenger to develop online chatbot-based casinos. First of all, there are no ads and all messages are reliably encrypted. In addition, Telegram has a simple user-friendly interface and it can be used to send large files. All these features are perfect for online gambling purposes. The Telegram bots that are connected to the casino platform will act not only as assistants, but rather as a kind of online casino simulators. This option offers players the opportunity to enjoy secure gambling experience wherever they go. And it goes without saying that they stand a good chance to become a great alternative to modern online casino apps.

A final word

Using chatbots, online casino fans will be able to play games, as well as get useful pieces of advice and news. Furthermore, if a casino uses chatbots powered by AI technology, its clients will be provided with the ever-improving customer service in the course of time.

Innovativeness and the opportunity to save money make this niche attractive to the owners of online casinos and people who only plan to launch their own gambling service. Taking into account the growing adoption of messengers, it can be predicted that casino chatbots will remain popular in the near future.

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