Does being a prototype have an impact on the value of a practice?

In conversation with

Dentist Paul Worskett and Richard Holmes from Dental Partners discuss the general factors affecting the value of a practice and what impact being a prototype has from the perspective of a buyer and a seller.

What you’ll hear:
  • What a potential purchaser looks for in a practice?
  • Key factors that affect the overall value of a practice
  • The impact being a prototype has on practice value.

Who should listen:
  • Practice owners who might be considering selling their practice
  • Practice owners who might be considering becoming a prototype practice
  • Anyone considering buying a dental practice.
About Paul:
Paul Worskett

Paul qualified from London in 1983 and also gained an MSc in Advanced General Dental Practice in 2011 from Birmingham University. He has a special interest in implant and restorative dentistry and has had two papers published in the BDJ and Dental Update. He is a member of the National Steering Group and Evaluation Reference Group for Dental Contract Reform.

About Richard:

Richard joined Dental Partners in October 2017 as Business Development Director but has worked in the dental industry since 2002. He has held senior positions at Oasis Dental Care (now BUPA) and My Dentist.
In his spare time Richard enjoys playing rugby (not the injuries after playing rugby), running, watching sport and spending time with his three children and wife to be.

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