MX3 Diagnostics Unveils Saliva-Based Hydration Testing System

MX3 Diagnostics, a startup with offices in Austin, Minneapolis, and Melbourne, Australia, has unveiled its first product, a saliva-based hydration testing system. The MX3 Hydration Testing System can be used by athletes, travelers, and maybe even clinicians to test patients, and is promoted by the manufacturer to be of “lab-quality”. The testing device can upload readings to its cloud platform, which can be utilized to track one’s hydration levels over time.

It relies on single-use disposable test strips that require a tiny amount of saliva to function properly. They are placed inside the testing device and the user simply positions the end so as to put a bit of spit onto the test strip. Shortly thereafter the results are in.

Currently, athletes and others have to remember to drink water while assessing themselves regularly for signs of dehydration. It can often be difficult to analyze oneself accurately, and unusual effects such as being in a hot or dry environment can influence any subjective assessment. “MX3’s proprietary system for rapid saliva testing has been proven in multiple studies to be as effective as FDA-approved equipment found in traditional labs,” said Michael Luther, co-founder and CEO of MX3 Diagnostics. “We made our first test for hydration because it is so important for health and fitness, but really hard for athletes to reliably assess. What’s exciting about saliva is that it is non-invasive and reveals not just hydration, but other markers related to energy levels, work load and recovery, diet and nutrition, sleep and stress, and more.”

MX3 Diagnostics has already been trialing its technology among a number of sports teams and athletes, including the Swedish World Cup soccer team, NCAA teams, and a number of elite runners. The U.S. military is also assessing the MX3 hydration testing technology, and a number of hospitals in Asia are evaluating it on pediatric patients.

The technology is now being made available via pre-order for $649, with shipping expected in September of this year.

Product page: MX3 Hydration Testing System

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