Artificial Intelligence Weekly – Artificial Intelligence News #108 – May 30th 2019

In the News

Facebook’s A.I. Whiz Now Faces the Task of Cleaning It Up

Facebook has heralded artificial intelligence as a solution to its toxic content problems. While A.I.-based solutions can help solve Image and Video Moderation, Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfe says there is more to do.

How Data (and some breathtaking soccer) brought Liverpool to the cusp of glory

The club is finishing a phenomenal season — thanks in part to an unrivaled reliance on analytics.

Also in the news…

  • Facebook is dabbling with robotics to improve its AI efforts. More
  • The OECD has announced five “democratic principles” for AI development. More


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🌻 The Best and Most Current of Modern Natural Language Processing

An up-to-date review of worthwhile papers in NLP. Hot recent trends.

How we might protect ourselves from malicious AI

New research could make deep-learning models much harder to manipulate in harmful ways.

Software tools & code

How to Deploy Machine Learning Models

Introduction to some of the complexities inherent to deploying Machine Learning Models in production and at scale.

Mona Lisa frown

Machine learning brings old paintings and photos to life

AutoML: Methods, Systems, Challenges (new book)

Online book dedicated to Auto ML methods (hyperparameter optimization, meta learning, neural architecture search) and systems (such as auto-weka, auto-sklearn).

Google’s AI can now translate your speech while keeping your voice

Researchers trained a neural network to map audio “voiceprints” from one language to another.

Some thoughts

How we are doing at enforcing our Community Standards

Update from Facebook with numbers and details on their Moderation efforts, a large part of which is powered by ML models.

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