LaseMD unlike any other laser

Dr Robin Chok

Dr Robin Chok, Cosmetic Surgeon and injectables extroadinaire, chats to us about why the LaseMD is unlike any other laser on the market and why he loves having it in his clinic. Dr Chok talks about how the LaseMD is a results based laser and is designed in such a way to deliver a much deeper treatment and help regenerate new, more improved skin.

Dr Chok is from Regenesis Cosmetic Surgery and he’s who I go to for my injectables. Considered somewhat of a leader in the aesthetics field, Dr Chok is able to break down the LaseMD technology into a language that even patients can understand! This is a great podcast to explain what happens when you get the LaseMD treatment and why you might want to try it. With a reputation for some impressive results, check out some of them below.

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LaseMD unlike any other laser

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LaseMD unlike any other laser

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