When meeting new people, you only get one first impression. So why not make it a memorable one with a beautiful, healthy-looking smile? With the help of recent technology and my experience in cosmetic dentistry, I can provide patients with a more aesthetically pleasing appearance by performing dental implant surgery. You no longer have to feel embarrassed or insecure when laughing and/or smiling in a social setting.

Long before dental implant surgery, the only options available to those who had missing and/or chipped teeth were removable dentures and bridges. These previous apparatuses were uncomfortable and unnatural-looking, with patients typically having difficulty eating, drinking, and speaking. In addition, when worn over the natural teeth, the bridge/denture would often become weak and need to be replaced when they no longer fit correctly. Now, with the advancements in dentistry, Beverly Hills dental implants patients can receive strong, natural-looking smiles. The days of having to hassle with dentures are a thing of the past.

A dental implant is a sterile titanium cylinder that acts as the tooth’s root, which is then covered by an artificial tooth. Once the implants have been placed in the gums, they are integrated within the jaw’s natural bone, which provides further strength and support. The titanium dental implants will allow patients to go on with their daily activities worry-free. The dental implants will be a permanent fixture in the mouth, as opposed to the removable dentures and bridges. In order to make the procedure less stressful, patients may be sedated during their treatment. I offer an oral sedative, nitrous oxide, and intravenous (IV) sedation. Patients will be in a “twilight sleep” throughout the procedure, allowing them to remain slightly conscious and able to respond to cues given by myself or my assistant.

Based on your individual needs, I will create a personalized treatment plan for your dental implant surgery. Dental tooth implants may be used to replace one or more teeth or add support to a dental bridge. An unbelievable addition to cosmetic dentistry, tooth implants are virtually painless and can provide you with a classier and healthier-looking smile. In some circumstances, porcelain veneers may be combined with the dental implants. Veneers are thin sheets of ceramic that are directly bonded to the front of the teeth. These thin shells are virtually undetectable and blend in well when applied with dental implants.

As an experienced and qualified smile sculptor, a “Hollywood smile” is within reach when you come to my practice. Further information is available on the website and blog. I encourage you to contact my office to schedule an appointment, during which we can discuss your options.

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