Philips Unveils IntraSight Multi-Modality Imaging Platform

For years, catheter-based minimally invasive procedures have depended on X-ray imaging to guide physicians toward the treatment site. New tools, including intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) and fractional flow reserve (FFR), which measures blood pressure inside a vessel, are giving physicians additional perspectives. Using these modalities in a single procedure therefore requires coherently combining all the information together. Philips is now unveiling its new IntraSight interventional platform that automatically stitches together data from varied imaging modalities to help guide treatment.

The system is built on existing Philips software and hardware, so clinicians that have been operating the company’s interventional products will be familiar with the interface. It can bring together IVUS, FFR, and the relatively new instant wave free ratio (iFR), so that physicians can quickly assess lesions and abnormalities and speed through procedures.


Philips SyncVision is an optional offering for the IngtraSight that can map the pressure profile and IVUS measurements of entire vessels and overlay the data on top of an angiogram.

Using iFR pullback and co-registration and IVUS co-registration, locations of causes of ischemia can be identfied, stents can be measured on top of the image before implantation, and even improvements in physiology can be predicted.

Here’s a Philips video presenting the IntraSight system:


Product page: Philips’ IntraSight

Via: Philips

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