The importance of targeting your audience when creating marketing material

Expert advice from Laura Weaver

Laura Weaver discusses the dangers of producing marketing material with ‘catch all’ message and shares her expert advice for creating targeted messages to achieve the best return on your marketing spend. 

What you’ll hear:
  • The risks of generic marketing messages
  • Where to begin when considering your marketing material
  • Examples of a targeted campaign
  • How to track how successful your marketing is
Who should listen:
  • Team members responsible for marketing within the practice
  • Practice managers who’d like to increase patient numbers or uptake of certain treatments
  • Practice owners and managers who don’t currently do any marketing
About Laura:

Laura forms part of the Practice Marketing team at Practice Plan, acting exclusively on the behalf of Practice Plan dental practices across the country to bring their marketing strategies to life. Covering a wide range of marketing requirements, from simple flyer drops to full rebranding exercises, Laura provides advice and support to help marketing campaigns run smoothly and effectively to increase patient numbers, treatment uptake and awareness in the local area.

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