Siobhan’s Rhinoplasty with Dr Raymond Goh

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Dr Raymond Goh

Siobhan wasn’t happy with the aesthetic appearance of her nose but it turns out she had broken cartilage that would have happened as a child that had affected the appearance of her nose. Siobhan found Dr Raymond Goh in Brisbane through his awesome reviews and says Dr Goh made her feel comfortable and answered all of her questions in such a way that made her feel as though he was the surgeon for her.

Siobhan is extremely happy with her rhinoplasty results and now feels like her nose fits her face. You’ll love this podcast – Siobhan is honest, real and relatable.

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Siobhan is really happy with her natural looking results from her rhinoplasty with Dr Raymond Goh

To see some more amazing rhinoplasty results from Dr Raymond Goh check out the blogs below:

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Dr Raymond Goh Talks Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Revisions and all things Noses

Siobhans Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Brisbane, with Dr Raymond Goh




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