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SentreHEART Wins EU Clearances for LARIAT LAA Closure System

SentreHEART, based in Silicon Valley, won the European CE mark for its LARIAT-RS 50mm percutaneous left atrial appendage (LAA) closure device. The LARIAT-RS is currently the only product available in Europe that is not an implant, but really a procedure, to fully and permanently close the LAA. In addition to the LARIAT-RS 50 mm being made available, the LARIAT-RS is now also cleared in the EU for left atrial appendage exclusion.

LAAs are common sources of blood clots, as there’s a great deal of turbulence that happens within them. During the LARIAT procedure, physicians use fluoroscopy and echocardiography to push a pre-tied suture to the LAA and position it in place, tying the LAA off and letting it slowly die off. Once the LAA disappears, the chance of a clot arising from the LAA goes away as well.

Here’s a video the demonstrated how the LARIAT procedure works:

Flashback: SentreHEART’s LARIAT Surgical Left Atrial Appendage Suture Delivery Device Coming to Europe…

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