You might have heard about Facebook messenger marketing or even Facebook messenger chat bots. But what exactly is Facebook messenger marketing all about, and how do you actually fit it into your overall marketing strategy?

What Is Facebook Messenger marketing

Messenger marketing is basically marketing to your customers and potential customers using the Facebook messenger app.

You can create Facebook Messenger chat bots to converse and cultivate relationships with your potential and existing customers. Facebook messenger is a free platform that’s currently used by over 1.3 billion people, with over 2 billion messages sent between people and businesses each month.

In terms of concept, it is similar to how email marketing works, but in reality it works very different from email marketing.

One of the main difference between email marketing and messenger marketing is the way copy is written. The way you write your messenger marketing copy is more conversational — you’re talking to your audience 1-on-1 with messenger marketing versus one-to-many with email marketing.

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Think about the way you message your family and friends on Facebook messenger… how do you write your messages? Do you use short-form copy with emojis? That’s how businesses should also craft their chat bot copy.

Do you need to use Facebook messenger marketing?

Here’s my answer: If your customers and potential customers are on Facebook, then yes.

Don’t think of Facebook messenger marketing as this big production. Start simple and small. The basics are a welcome message, a set of menu that helps people easily navigate your services and products or speak to a human for customer support.

Another thing to note about Facebook messenger chat bots is that it is not just meant for driving more sales. You can use chat bots to also increase engagement, drive visits to content, turn cold audience to warm audience, and so much more.

How Facebook messenger marketing fits into your overall marketing strategy

A lot of people think of Facebook messenger marketing as this new savior that is going to replace email marketing or even replace your entire marketing system.

But that’s not the case. Facebook messenger marketing has to be a part of your overall marketing strategy. And the one big reason is because Facebook Messenger marketing is still rented land. You are playing in Facebook’s sandbox.

Any time Facebook decides to monetise the use Facebook messenger marketing or go down the route of Facebook pages, you’ll be in big trouble if your entire marketing strategy is focused on Facebook messenger marketing.

One of the most important things you need to do with your Facebook messenger marketing is to collect email leads. And yes, you can collect emails in Facebook messenger.

Emails are not rented land. Companies like MailChimp do not own your email list. So you have to grow your email list at the same time as you are growing your Facebook Messenger chatbot list.

So what I’ll recommend is you give away a lead gen freebie in exchange for an email address. So for example, I might have 6 Facebook messenger marketing strategies that you can use for your online business to get more sales and maximize customer retention.

I’ll send the first tip as a broadcast message to my subscribers, and then ask them if they are interested in 5 more strategies. If so, I’ve got a free PDF for download and if they would like me to send the PDF to their email.

Once they give me their email, I can use Zapier, a 3rd party tool, to automatically add that email subscriber to my email list.

What do you think about Facebook messenger marketing? Will you be using it for your business?

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