PENTAX Medical, a part of HOYA Group, has unveiled a new endoscope processing and storage solution that helps to eliminate any chance of bacterial infections. In the last few years endoscopes have been identified as common vectors through which bacteria spread from patient to patient, so new endoscope designs and ways to clean them are coming out.

The PlasmaTYPHOON from PENTAX Medical delivers ultra-fast drying of the channels of the endoscope and is then used to store endoscopes within special PlasmaBAGs. The drying is done within five minutes and safe storage within the bag is guaranteed for up to a month.

The drying process is supposed to be silent, though quite a bit of air pressure is delivered through each stethoscope. The air moves in a turbulent fashion while being heated, which helps to make sure the insides are dry and the walls are effectively scrubbed of any moisture.

The PlasmaBAG is used to store the endoscope within an environment filled with ozone and clean air, helping to make sure the endoscope is clean and ready to go as needed.

The PlasmaTYPHOON seems to have actually been developed by Plasmabiotics, a French firm, and here’s a video presenting the technology:

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