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Tack System for Repair of Angioplasty Endovascular Tears FDA Approved

Balloon catheters have revolutionized the treatment of vascular diseases, but when they’re used to push plaque against the walls of vessels tears can form. These tears can have significant impact on the integrity and hemodynamics of vessels and therefore on the health of patients. Stents can be used to address these, but stents are typically much longer than the tears and multiple tears would require multiple stents, each with potential to create side effects down the road.

Intact Vascular, a company based in Wayne, Pennsylvania, landed FDA approval for its novel Tack system for treatment of endovascular tears formed during angioplasties. The product is essentially a set of tiny stents that can be placed, in series and during a single procedure, over detectable tears. Each stent delivers a gentle push, as opposed to stents that can be quite forceful. Because each Tack implant is quite small, restenosis and other stent-related side effects should be reduced.

Here’s a promo video from Intact Vascular presenting the Tack system and the problem it solves:

Product page: Tack Endovascular System…

Via: Intact Vascular…

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