A Children’s Dentist in Fremont Has Tips for a Healthy Smile

Mom and smiling childrenPracticing good oral care at home to achieve and maintain a healthy smile is not only important for adults. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, tooth decay is the most common chronic disease for children ages 6 to 19. When it comes to caring for one’s teeth, healthy habits can and should start early. February is Children’s Dental Health Month – so what better time than now to review some tips to keep your young ones healthy and smiling and highlight reasons why they should see a children’s dentist in Fremont.

Tips to Keep Your Children Smiling

Here are a few easy tips to support your children’s dental health:

  • Provide a balanced diet – Many snacks and treats marketed towards children contain high levels of sugar. Swap out harmful sweets for healthier snacks like trail mix, yogurt or cheese sticks.
  • Brush like an adult – Just like their parents, children should brush their teeth twice a day and floss at least once a day. Children are very observant, so be a good role model and brush your teeth alongside your child.
  • Talk to your kids about teeth – It is never too early to start educating your children about the importance of their dental health. Incorporate age-appropriate books about visiting the dentist into their bedtime stories.

Why Regular Dental Checkups Are Important for Kids

In addition to teaching good at-home oral care habits to children at a young age, it is also important to regularly bring your young son or daughter to see a children’s dentist in Fremont. Here are a few reasons why routine checkups are so important:

  • Detect Hidden Problems – Nearly 20% of all school-aged children have untreated tooth decay. During a regular dental checkup, a dentist can identify and treat minor problems before they worsen.
  • Professional Teeth Cleaning – A routine checkup is an opportunity for your child to have their teeth expertly cleaned by a dental professional.
  • Mouth Protection – If your child plays football or another contact sport, talk to their dentist about how a custom mouthguard can protect their teeth.
  • Oral Health Education – Your child’s dental appointment is also an opportunity for their dentist to talk to them about the importance of oral health and share tips on how to practice good oral hygiene.

When Is the Best Time to Visit a Children’s Dentist?

The American Dental Association recommends scheduling regular dental checkups every six months for children and adults alike. Between after-school sports and activities, homework in the evenings, and play dates and birthday parties on weekends, even a child’s schedule can fill up fast!

So, don’t wait – help keep a smile on your son or daughter’s face by calling a children’s dentist in Fremont today.

About the Author

Dr. James Block is a third-generation dentist dedicated to providing quality, compassionate dental care to patients of all ages. For over 25 years, the Fremont native has helped parents set their children on a path toward a lifelong healthy smile. For more oral health tips, visit the James Block Dentistry website or call the office at 510-793-0801.

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