Developing intelligent virtual characters has attracted a lot of attention in
the recent years. The process of creating such characters often involves a team
of creative authors who describe different aspects of the characters in natural
language, and planning experts that translate this description into a planning
domain. This can be quite challenging as the team of creative authors should
diligently define every aspect of the character especially if it contains
complex human-like behavior. Also a team of engineers has to manually translate
the natural language description of a character’s personality into the planning
domain knowledge. This can be extremely time and resource demanding and can be
an obstacle to author’s creativity. The goal of this paper is to introduce an
authoring assistant tool to automate the process of domain generation from
natural language description of virtual characters, thus bridging between the
creative authoring team and the planning domain experts. Moreover, the proposed
tool also identifies possible missing information in the domain description and
iteratively makes suggestions to the author.

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