Checked out a copy of Skeleton Keys by Brian Switek, whose blog…

Checked out a copy of Skeleton Keys by Brian Switek, whose blog Laelaps I used to read in high school! Skeleton Keys is a brand new book about human bones. 

In Popular Science, Switek recently published an excerpt from the book headlined “The Human Bone Trade is Legal, and Booming on Instagram.” I’m not sure if the article is quite up to date but I noticed it covered a lot of things that I’ve reported on regarding the human bone trade. Sure enough, the article that I wrote (as an intern!) for National Geographic is referenced! You can read about buying human skulls on the internet here.

I also found that the books “Human Remains: Another Dimension: The Application of Imaging to the Study of Human Remains,” “K9 Teams: Beyond the Basics of Search and Rescue and Recovery,” and “Competing Values in Archaeological Heritage” have the article cited in their bibliographies as well! I don’t really keep track of the impact of every article I write, but I’m very glad that I had a part in opening up the conversation regarding the human bone trade. 

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