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Robocath R-One Robotic Angioplasty System Cleared in Europe

Robocath, based in Rouen, France, landed European regulatory approval to introduce its R-One robotic catheterization system. The R-One provides interventional cardiologists a way to precisely advance and manipulate catheter-based tools while remaining apart from patients and not exposed to dangerous X-rays.

The company believes that the system can improve certain procedures by providing a reliable and accurate use of instruments, without depending on the physician’s ability to provide the necessary strength to move and otherwise manipulate interventional tools.

The doctor sits at the control unit that’s behind a radiopaque glass screen. The unit is mobile and can be positioned anywhere so as to get the most out of a given cath lab. Joysticks are used to control the minimally invasive tools.

The system is compatible with existing cath labs and most commercially available guidewires, stents, and balloons can be used with the R-One.

Here’s a video showing off the R-One by Robocath:

Product page: R-One robotic-assisted platform…

Via: Robocath…

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