Psychophysiological Indicators for Modeling User Experience in Interactive Digital Entertainment.

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Psychophysiological Indicators for Modeling User Experience in Interactive Digital Entertainment.

Sensors (Basel). 2019 Feb 26;19(5):

Authors: Čertický M, Čertický M, Sinčák P, Magyar G, Vaščák J, Cavallo F

Analyses of user experience in the electronic entertainment industry currently rely on self-reporting methods, such as surveys, ratings, focus group interviews, etc. We argue that self-reporting alone carries inherent problems-mainly the misinterpretation and temporal delay during longer experiments-and therefore, should not be used as a sole metric. To tackle this problem, we propose the possibility of modeling consumer experience using psychophysiological measures and demonstrate how such models can be trained using machine learning methods. We use a machine learning approach to model user experience using real-time data produced by the autonomic nervous system and involuntary psychophysiological responses. Multiple psychophysiological measures, such as heart rate, electrodermal activity, and respiratory activity, have been used in combination with self-reporting to prepare training sets for machine learning algorithms. The training data was collected from 31 participants during hour-long experiment sessions, where they played multiple video-games. Afterwards, we trained and compared the results of four different machine learning models, out of which the best one produced ∼96% accuracy. The results suggest that psychophysiological measures can indeed be used to assess the enjoyment of digital entertainment consumers.

PMID: 30813552 [PubMed – in process]

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