The Seifert lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Kentucky (UK) is seeking exceptionally creative postdoctoral researchers to join our group.  We utilize a diverse array of species to study the cellular and molecular basis for complex tissue regeneration in mammals.  To pursue this line of research we maintain and use our active breeding colonies of spiny mice in the US (Acomys cahirinus) and in Kenya (Acomys percivali and Acomys kempi).  Our US colony provides molecular tractability whereas our work in Kenya with wild-trapped rodent species (regenerating and non-regenerating) provides phylogenetic perspective to understand the distribution of regenerative ability.  Successful applicants will initially join an NIH funded project investigating how immune cells regulate the regenerative response to injury.  Specifically, the project investigates how specific macrophage phenotypes induce behavioral changes in local fibroblasts during blastema formation.  Ideal candidates will have a strong background in developmental biology, experience working with model or non-model organisms, expertise in microscopy and comfortability with bioinformatics. While these are funded positions, postdocs in the Seifert lab are strongly encouraged to develop their own projects and external funding portfolios as a pathway toward independence.  Salary follows NIH guidelines for postdoctoral researchers. Informal inquiries are strongly encouraged.  For additional information visit:

Review of applications will begin on a rolling basis and will continue until the position has been filled.  Ideal start date is summer 2019. Candidates will have completed their Ph.D. prior to starting the position but need not have defended their dissertation prior to applying.  Applicants should send a single pdf document to Ashley Seifert ( that includes their CV, names of three references, and a 1-2-page synopsis of their current research interests and how these complement our overall research program.

The Department of Biology houses a strong group of research labs interested in regenerative and stem cell biology using a diverse array of animal models (e.g., spiny mice, salamanders, planarians, lampreys, zebrafish) and in vitro systems.  Together, these labs create a vibrant atmosphere to pursue interdisciplinary projects across comparative genomics, developmental, regenerative and evolutionary biology.



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