To assess pediatric providers’ perceptions on viral testing and to determine barriers to minimizing respiratory viral testing (RVT) in bronchiolitis.


A single-center, cross-sectional study was conducted and included 6 focus group discussions with pediatric providers. Questions were focused on identifying factors associated with obtaining RVT. Focus group discussions were transcribed verbatim and coded for emergent themes.


Clinicians report that they themselves do not typically obtain RVT in otherwise healthy patients with bronchiolitis. The most commonly cited reasons for not obtaining RVT is that it does not aid medical decision-making and that it is used as an educational opportunity for trainees. However, clinicians tend to obtain RVT when they are directed by another clinician, when they desire reassurance, when RVT is perceived as “doing something,” and when there are knowledge gaps on institutional cohorting policies.


Clinician medical decision-making is influenced by multiple internal and external factors. Intended behaviors do not always correlate with actual actions because of these influences. Developing interventions in which some of these factors are addressed may help reduce unnecessary RVT among healthy patients with bronchiolitis and could be considered for broader application beyond this patient population.

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