Dermal fillers can be the clear answer for people who wish to escape the inconveniences of surgery to diminish the unpleasant indications of aging. As we age, the important constituents of the dermis are lowered. This decrease tremendously affects the skin appearance. This is due to the fact that these components have hyaluronic acid, collagen fibers, and elastin. And when these constituents start diminishing, the skin tends to lose its suppleness and becomes sunken in a few places. You start noticing that the creases, wrinkles, and folds begin gaining ground every time you look in the mirror, but dermal fillers can diminish your wrinkles, lines and facial folds to a greater extent. These are known to reinstate the components that were gone from your skin and add to your facial contour.

A decade or more ago, facial fillers were composed of animal collagens. But with the emergence of new technology, things have changed and have become much advanced. Today, non-surgical aesthetic treatments are better engineered so that they pose a lower risk of allergic reactions and can last longer in the body before needing a touch up.

If we talk about the dermal fillers that are used today, almost all contain hyaluronic acid. This is a compound that occurs naturally in the skin and is vital for the dermal collagen matrix. There are innumerable fillers available on the market that are known for filling acne scars and diminishing the lines around the nose and mouth. But before deciding on the right one, it is essential to carry out the required research.

It is the loss of your facial volume which comes out to be the first sign giving you an aged look on your face. This loss of volume might be the result of your natural aging process, or because you have recently shed some weight. There are several techniques to help you boost your facial volume and achieve a young, natural look. The dermal fillers provide you with a reliable way of rectifying the volume loss, reviving the facial balance, forming symmetry and fixing the facial definition for your cheeks, chin, and under the eyes.

Dermal fillers are the best option for:

  • Lip Augmentation – It is known to give better volume and a great appearance to the lips
  • Lip Creases – These soften the appearance of smokers’ lines around the mouth
  • Lip Enhancement – It is carried out to give more definition to the lips
  • Tear Troughs – The dermal fillers provide volume and work the hollows under and around the eyes
  • Marionette Lines – The use of dermal fillers diminish the lines that tend to give you a turned down smile
  • Cheek Enhancement – The dermal fillers are used to shape and enhance the cheeks, these also form higher cheekbones
  • Chin – The filler is used to define and transform the contours of your chin, without the need for a chin implant
  • Nasolabial Folds – These fillers are used for making the deep grooves soft or rectify the area that lies between the sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth
  • Jowls Correction – The fillers make the jawline sharper, these also create a more definite and striking line
  • Nose – The dermal filler helps to put right the bumps, raise the tip or make the nose shape look better

When you age, you also may notice that your chin starts to shrink in size.  Moreover, your jawline also can change in shape. Dermal fillers can help to sculpt the chin and jawline. Regardless of your cosmetic concern, it is wise to get in touch with a skilled plastic surgeon if you want to have a gorgeous face and look young. There are many professional surgeons in Richmond who are well-known for carrying out successful plastic surgeries in the region.  Make sure the surgeon you select makes use of long-lasting dermal fillers to help you add definition, poise and give the desired symmetry to your chin.

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