How to overcome fee objections

Expert advice from Ashley Latter

Dealing with price objections can be extremely challenging, especially when a patient is shopping around.  Ashley Latter shares proven strategies to help you develop your unique selling points and increase your case acceptance without having to compromise on fees.

What you’ll hear:
  • The importance of showing empathy with patients who present cheaper options
  • Questions to establish if a quote really is ‘like for like’
  • How to promote your unique selling points.

Who should listen:
  • Dentists who offer specialist treatments and private treatments
  • Team members who present costs to patients.
About Ashley Latter:

Ashley LatterAshley is one of the dental industry’s leading trainers and consultants. In the last 23 years over 15,500 delegates have taken Ashley’s Two Day Ethical Sales & Communication course in over 13 countries worldwide. This programme is legendary in the U.K. and Irish dental world and is probably the most sought-after programme in Dentistry today.
Ashley is the author of ‘Don’t Wait for the Tooth Fairy – How to Communicate effectively & create the Perfect Patient Journey‘ and ‘You are Worth it – Talk Money with Confidence & Achieve the Income Your Services Deserve.‘ In short, he is excellent at helping dentists and their teams connect better with their patients, so that they can finally deliver the dentistry that they love to do and most importantly their patients want.

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