We study the problem of sparsity constrained $M$-estimation with arbitrary
corruptions to both {em explanatory and response} variables in the
high-dimensional regime, where the number of variables $d$ is larger than the
sample size $n$. Our main contribution is a highly efficient gradient-based
optimization algorithm that we call Trimmed Hard Thresholding — a robust
variant of Iterative Hard Thresholding (IHT) by using trimmed mean in gradient
computations. Our algorithm can deal with a wide class of sparsity constrained
$M$-estimation problems, and we can tolerate a nearly dimension independent
fraction of arbitrarily corrupted samples. More specifically, when the
corrupted fraction satisfies $epsilon lesssim {1} /left({sqrt{k} log
(nd)}right)$, where $k$ is the sparsity of the parameter, we obtain accurate
estimation and model selection guarantees with optimal sample complexity.
Furthermore, we extend our algorithm to sparse Gaussian graphical model
(precision matrix) estimation via a neighborhood selection approach. We
demonstrate the effectiveness of robust estimation in sparse linear, logistic
regression, and sparse precision matrix estimation on synthetic and real-world
US equities data.

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