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A Fusion Protein of Derp2 Allergen and Flagellin Suppresses Experimental Allergic Asthma.

Allergy Asthma Immunol Res. 2019 Mar;11(2):254-266

Authors: Tan W, Zheng JH, Duong TMN, Koh YI, Lee SE, Rhee JH

PURPOSE: The house dust mite (HDM) is one of the most important sources of indoor allergens and a significant cause of allergic rhinitis and allergic asthma. Our previous studies demonstrated that Vibrio vulnificus flagellin B (FlaB) plus allergen as a co-treatment mixture improved lung function and inhibited eosinophilic airway inflammation through the Toll-like receptor 5 signaling pathway in an ovalbumin (OVA)- or HDM-induced mouse asthma model. In the present study, we fused the major mite allergen Derp2 to FlaB and compared the therapeutic effects of the Derp2-FlaB fusion protein with those of a mixture of Derp2 and FlaB in a Derp2-induced mouse asthma model.
METHODS: BALB/c mice sensitized with Derp2 + HDM were treated with Derp2, a Derp2 plus FlaB (Derp2 + FlaB) mixture, or the Derp2-FlaB fusion protein 3 times at 1-week intervals. Seven days after the final treatment, the mice were challenged intranasally with Derp2, and airway responses and Derp2-specific immune responses were evaluated.
RESULTS: The Derp2-FlaB fusion protein was significantly more efficacious in reducing airway hyperresponsiveness, lung eosinophil infiltration, and Derp2-specific IgE than the Derp2 + FlaB mixture.
CONCLUSIONS: The Derp2-FlaB fusion protein showed a strong anti-asthma immunomodulatory capacity, leading to the prevention of airway inflammatory responses in a murine disease model through the inhibition of Th2 responses. These findings suggest that the Derp2-FlaB fusion protein would be a promising vaccine candidate for HDM-mediated allergic asthma therapy.

PMID: 30661317 [PubMed]

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